Sierra Leone: Christian preacher apologizes to Muslims over hate speech

Freetown, Sierra Leone (PANA) - Evangelist Victor Ajisafe on Monday apologized to Muslims and all Sierra Leoneans following his hate speech sermon at his Sanctuary Praise Church last week.

“I hereby tender my profuse apology to the President Ernest Bai Koroma, all Sierra Leoneans and to the Muslim Community,” he pleaded.

The video and audio of his apology was broadcast via social media last night. He further extended his apology for blasting Mufti Ismail Menk and the late President of Sierra Leone, Dr Ahmad Tejan Kabba. His church had already issued an apology on his behalf through a press release, earlier in the day before the social media broadcast of his personal apology.

This apology comes at the back of a press conference that Christian leaders held last week demanding that Ajisafe withdraw his comments and apologize.

The Ministry of Social Welfare has so far praised his effort to accept his mistake and start a reconciliatory effort.

However the Minister, Dr Sylvia Blyden, has not commented on when Pastor Ajisafe’s churches would be reopened across the country, after his license to operate a church was seized in the aftermath of his comments.

The Police are still holding the preacher under protective custody.
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03 october 2017 13:53:55

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