Sierra Leone: CSOs call for care for 6,000 Ebola orphans

Freetown, Sierra Leone (PANA) - The Sierra Leone civil society platform, comprising of nine civil society groups, has called on the government and development partners to do more to care for Ebola orphans, numbering about 6,000.

The group said in a statement that data collected from six districts were a reminder that serious attention should be given to the orphans as the Ebola virus was now on the wane.

The platform which released a report in Freetown on Saturday titled: "Enhancing trust between citizens and government in Sierra Leone's Ebola response" said about 19,000 children were affected by the virus while 6,000 were orphans.

It added that most of the Ebola-related orphans were not in any formal institutions but were instead living with relatives or foster care.

"We urge state and non-state institutions to develop and implement a holistic approach to care for orphans, mindful that a risk exists for the current situation to be exploited," the release stated.

The platform lauded Community-Based Organizations which are providing care for the children and some NGOs and agencies, like Centre for Disease Control, which are working on a standard care for Ebola survivors and also developing a survivor registry.

The UNDP, the release said, was targeting 500 people on "cash transfer" at US$15/month by 12 and also planned to target 2,500 windows with livelihood support.
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