Shortage of Anti-retroviral drugs hits Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- People living with HIV/AIDS in Congo Tuesday denounc ed the "shortage" of the Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), the Congolese state-owned radio announced here.
"We have been informed about the shortage of antiretrovirals in Congo for nearly two weeks", they said in a press statement issued by their association.
The Network of Associations of People Living with HIV (RENAPC), the Forum of NGO s against AIDS (FOSIC) and the Coordination of Denominations(COREC) were outrage d by the situation, saying it was "abnormal".
"This situation which is jeopardising the lives of PLWHs is unacceptable as the government and the Global Fund are granted huge funds estimated in billions of C F A francs to fight the scourge," the NGOs said.
They called on the government to investigate the cause of the shortage and punis h those responsible.
Congo has about 120,000 AIDs patients at a 4.
1 per cent prevalence rate, accordi ng to a World Bank study conducted in 2003.
In December 2007, the Congolese government declared free anti-retroviral drugs a nd tests for PLWH.

17 june 2008 11:17:00

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