Several hurt as Liberia, UN police quell Ivorian refugee protest

Monrovia- Liberia (PANA) - — Liberian and United Nations police Monday broke up a demonstration by dozens of Ivorian refugees in front of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) offices in Monrovia's diplomatic enclave of Mamba Point, leaving a number of refugees hurt.
The refugees said they were protesting in demand of health and educational services they claimed to be entitled to as refugees in a foreign country.
The protest march started with quiet assembly of the Ivorian refugees displaying placards on the street in front of the UNHCR offices.
But it all turned sour after the police began charging the refugees with whips and batons, leading several of the refugees falling to the ground while trying to escape the security crackdown.
Few of the injured, mainly women, were taken to hospital.
UNHCR authorities declined to talk to reporters, as police made several arrests of the Ivorian refugee protestors.
The Liberian government refugee agency officials also declined to comment.
The spokesman of the Ivorian refugees, Boyakpan Victor condemned the action of the security forces and said some of his compatriots were jailed here Monday evening.

04 december 2006 21:21:00

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