Senegalese doctor recommends new approach to fight against AIDS

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) - The coordinator of the outpatient treatment centre (ATC) in Senegal, Dr. Ndeye Fatou Ngom Gueye, Wednesday stressed the need to rethink HIV/AIDS care in a holistic sense, asserting the need for a novel conceptual approach based on multi-disciplinarity.

"The ATC has managed to establish itself as a referent to meet Senegal's medical and societal realities and brings together in one site a range of prevention, screening, diagnosis, care and psychosocial and nutritional monitoring and treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted infections," Gueye said.

She said while briefing the press that the process of positioning multi-disciplinary management at the heart of care allowed the ATC to differ from conventional ambulatory services and approach HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases from a new angle.

Gueye recalled that ATC's aim was to provide, on the same site, a comprehensive outpatient care involving medical, psychosocial, nutritional and economic benefits for people living with HIV/AIDS and perfecting care with a holistic approach taking into account the physical, psychological and socio-economic aspects of a patient.

According to her, the new challenges in the fight against AIDS are the new approaches on prevention and HIV law and its application.

15 june 2011 17:53:03

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