Senegalese dailies honour departed Nelson Mandela

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) – Senegalese dailies devoted their first pages and pictures to the memory of the former South African leader, Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday night.

“His struggle against apartheid was very useful. Man of great courage, he has accomplished a mission that generations of Africans will take as a model and reference," Le Soleil, a pro-government newspaper, wrote in its editorial.

It said that the “Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mandela" has lived well and passed the 20th century with great glory.

Thanking the South African leader, it wrote: “You have showed us the true value of human dignity.”

The privately-owned “La Tribune” wrote: “OK, Madiba !”, adding a prayer to the memory of the late South African leader -- "Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela."

“The whole world will cry for this multi-dimensional man," La Tribune added.

Libération, another privately-owned publication, thanked Mandela in his language, the Xossa - "Enkosi Madiba!”

The paper carried, on its front cover, a picture showing Mandela taking part in an activity against HIV/AIDS.

“For long, Mandela’s name stayed on Pentagon’s list of terrorists," recalls Moussa Paye in “Enquête”, a privately-owned newspaper.

Journalist and founder-member of the Senegalese Anti-Apartheid Committee, Paye says that "even in Senegal, at the time of the Cold War between the two super powers, the positive image of Nelson Mandela grew only gradually.”

The following headlines were also published:-

Sud-Quotidien - He was a visionary…"

Direct-Info's editorial said "the misfortune of having lost Nelson Mandela should not make us forget the joy of having known him."

The daily Walfadjri read "Artists, film-makers…they are quite a lot of having sung, painted or played the role of Nelson Mandel.

Even musician and former Senegalese Culture Minister Ndour gave the name Madiba to his last son, calling him Ibrahima Nelson Mandela Ndour.

"We have lost our father," screamed Ndour in “L’Observateur.”

"Madiba, the boxer, the Bafana-Bafana and the Sprinbok," wrote the Stades.
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