Senegalese PM praises nutritional programme

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The ten-year Nutritional Enrichment Programme (PRN) in Senegal is a major factor and indispensable tool to alleviate poverty in the country, Prime Minister Macky Sall emphasised here Thursday.
In a speech during the workshop of the PRN halfway review, Sall declared that "nutrition is an essential factor to development, given that a healthy, well-nourished and educated population constitutes one of the best factors to promote national growth".
Sall bases his argument on the vision of President Abdoulaye Wade on nutrition, which calls for "offering each Senegalese a satisfactory nutritional status while enabling every one to adopt an adequate behaviour for personal social welfare and the development of the nation".
"The choice made in favour of the groups most vulnerable to poverty, namely women and children, through the ten-year nutritional enrichment programme is the evidence that it perfectly fits into the poverty reduction strategy in Senegal and meets objectives of the Millennium Development Goals," the prime minister observed.
The PRN is a programme implemented in Senegal for the decade of 2002-2012.
Its first phase covers 2002-2006 with the aim to improve the nutritional status of children aged less than five years and lactating mothers in underprivileged areas.

24 february 2005 23:39:00

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