Senegalese Minister urges researchers on HIV/AIDS to collaborate

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Senegalese minister of health, Dr Safiétou Thiam, on Mon day opened the scientific day on the history of research on AIDS (ANRS) in Dakar with a call on researchers worldwide to collaborate in efforts on HIV/AIDS issue s .
Dr Thiam added that African governments experiencing the heaviest burden of HIV/ AIDS must redouble their efforts in the prevention, treatment and research if th e y wished to overcome the infection in the medium term.
"Researchers around the world, who are active on HIV-related issues, must unite in their efforts and promote areas of collaboration for greater efficiency and s p eed in their proceedings," she said.
Dr Thiam stressed that the need to have a vaccine must remain a permanent concer n for governments and researchers "for this is the only means of definitively pr o tecting future generations against HIV infection".
The Senegalese health minister said: "We must continue turning clinical, operati onal, biological, socio-anthropological and environmental research into a priori t y that makes it possible to orient the most efficient coping strategies and to r e lieve sufferings related to AIDS of which a non-negligible section of our popula t ions are victims.
" She explained that it was based on the commitment of heads of state and governme nt in 2001 in New York, with initiatives of the Global Environmental Fund (GEF) a nd the World Bank, that the fight against AIDS was intensified and the positive i mpact of the substantial financing raised was reflected in UNAIDS 2007 report.
Dr Thiam said ANRS was "a concrete example of North-South cooperation that must be encouraged" adding that it was one of the main international forums in the se a rch for a vaccine against AIDS.
It also and conducted a programme of evaluation o f immunogenic combinations for men so as to set up in three to five years a tria l .

26 may 2008 23:48:00

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