Senegal to assess Nutritional Enrichment Programme

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Prime Minister Macky Sall is expected to chair a workshop here Thursday to review the first half of the ten-year Nutritional Enrichment Programme (PRN) in Senegal, a government announced said Monday.
The two-day workshop is meant to enable community implementing agents (AEC) -- the programme's impact at community levels -- to share the specific experiences developed in its nutritional status enrichment activities in Senegal, the source said.
It is also aimed at identifying actions that could improve the programme based on identified problems.
It will focus on the nutritional status of children aged below five, the integrated management of childhood diseases and the monitoring of pregnancy among vulnerable women.
The ten-year nutritional enrichment programme is divided into three phases, with the first one running from 2002 to 2006 with a goal to strengthen the nutritional and organisational capacity of the nutrition system in pursuit of developing nutritional interventions countrywide.
The programme covers both urban and rural areas and it is expected to reach 280,000 children aged below five, and 170,000 women per year.
The World Bank, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation and the World Food Programme are financing the $26-million programme.

21 february 2005 21:19:00

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