Senegal's Wade emphasises need to form federal Africa govt

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- The ninth African Union ordinary summit is expected to end here on Tuesday afternoon with the adoption of a clear strategy for the formation of an African federal government within six months.
The summit had carried on the debate between African leaders on the formation of the African federal government during the second closed- door session held on Monday afternoon while bilateral and multilateral consultations continued until late Monday night.
At a meeting with African women's organisations, Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade said all African countries expressed, during the Debate, their support for the formation of the African federal government.
He however revealed the existence of some disagreements about national sovereignty and the links made by some leaders between political integration and achieving economic integration in the first place.
Sources noted that the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who is one the proponents of the step-by-step move, said during the second closed-door session: "most of us are apparently supporting the African union project".
The Senegalese president stressed that the reluctance about national sovereignty and economic integration must not delay the formation of the African federal government, noting that such were futile pretexts.
"We can achieve economic integration only through political integration therefore those advocating for economic integration in the first place are making Africa waste much more time which it can no longer stand," he insisted.
He further added that making progress today in Accra, will mean the formation of an African political and economic entity allowing the continent to deal with big blocs now emerging throughout the world- Europe and the US in the North and China and other Asian countries in the East.
At the end of his speech, President Wade reaffirmed that the Accra Summit would "inevitably" lead to a strategy towards the formation of an African federal government.

03 يوليو 2007 12:52:00

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