Senegal's Fadiga receives excuses and gift from Daegu shop

Seoul- South Korea (PANA) -- A few days after making headlines for allegedly shop-lifting a necklace, Senegalese striker Khalilou Fadiga was Friday reported to have received excuses and a gift from the Daegu shop where he is said to have "stolen" the item "in a stupid bet.
" "I have received a letter of excuse from the manager of the shop, who also sent me a Korean good-luck necklace," Fadiga affirmed in an exclusive interview with PANA in Seoul.
Coming back to the "shoplifting" incident, he acknowledged that he effectively took the necklace without declaring it to the cash desk "because I had promised to my team-mates that I was smarter than the Korean surveillance cameras.
" "I would like to apologise to the Senegalese people, to President Wade who did so much for the Lions of Senegal and to all my fans and especially to my family and my club Auxerre," he added.

31 may 2002 23:56:00

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