Senegal lays emphasis on AIDS prevention among youths

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Senegalese minister of health, prevention and public hygiene, Mrs Thأ©rأ¨se Coumba Diop, on Tuesday called on organisations of HIV/AI DS control to further invest in the prevention of new infections among adolescents and youths.
"Adolescents and the youths must be sensitized for voluntary screening in an effort to help them to be aware at an early stage of their serological status an d to be better armed in the individual prevention of the infection," Mrs Diop said on the occasion of the commemoration of the World AIDS Day.
Diop said although her country had kept strengthening its gains in the fight against the pandemic, the situation on the African scale "still remains worrying".
The fight against AIDS has not been won yet, even if new infections have seen a notable decline and the number of people treated worldwide reached 45 per cent of those who need it, the Senegalese health minister said.
Diop said Senegal needed to mobilise in a multi-sectoral approach to maintain its prevalence rate as low as less than one per cent.
According to UNAIDS 2008 report, 33.
4 million people live with HIV in the world, including 22.
4 million in Africa.
The report also talks of two million deaths, 1.
7 million of which took place in Africa.

01 december 2009 23:50:00

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