Senegal calls for joint efforts in fighting AIDS

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Senegalese Prime Minister Souleymane Ndene Ndiaye Thursd ay called on its development partners, including the civil society groups, to join the government in its efforts to "deal a deadly blow" to HIV/AIDS.
"We have to act in a concerted and efficient way and mobilize the necessary reso urces to face the resisting phenomena developed by the virus,” he said.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the meeting of the National AIDS Council (CN LS) here, Ndiaye said that the government had done its bit in tackling the menac e following some financial contributions from development partners.
He, however, called for more funding from the two groups with a view to dealing a final blow to the scourge.
Ndiaye also said the religious groups could do a lot in the fight by raising the awareness campaign on the dangers of the disease.
The Prime Minister said that the disease was more rampant in the region of Kedou gou, eastern Senegal, where the mining companies had attracted a large populatio n of migrants from other countries and regions.
He pledged government's determination to continue to fight the disease until the national prevalent rate fell to less than 1 per cent”, adding that Senegal had e armarked 1.
4 billion CFA francs to buy antiretroviral drugs (ARV).

31 july 2009 21:28:00

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