Senegal: Workshop to build capacity of journalists on gender issues opens

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) - A workshop aimed at building capacity of journalists on gender issues began on Tuesday in Dakar to promote the inclusion of gender dimensions in the Senegalese media.

The workshop is part of measures to promote a balanced image of women in the media, to analyse the male-female ratio in different types of reports, and enable the journalist to better meet his ethics requirements in his daily action when exercising his profession.

Mr Mamadou Dramé, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and the Digital Economy, said the workshop would enable women to express themselves and fully participate in the decision-making process within and through the media and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

"The press plays an important role in the establishment of a fairness and equality culture between men and women. Therefore, it is your responsibility, dear journalists, to fully play your role in strengthening democracy by promoting the rights of women and sensitizing people about the need to promote equality of opportunity between men and women," he stressed.

Mr. Dramé said a lot of progress had been made in the representation of women journalists in the media in recent years in Senegal.

This includes increased accountability and empowerment of women at a high level in the media, the appreciable evolution of the treatment of information relating to gender and the integration of training modules for journalists.

However, he said, there was still a lot to be done, particularly the poor access of women to media decision-making bodies because of the preconceived image of women and the low participation of women in media programmes of national interest.

In response to these challenges, he said, the Ministry of Communications and the Digital Economy had started the "Gender and Media Project" to implement along with the participants, gender indicators to ensure media coverage that ensured diversity.

The two-day workshop was organized in collaboration with the German NGO Friedrich Ebert Foundation which supports this initiative.

According to the representative of the Foundation, Annette Lohmann, fairness and equality between men and women in the media and in society was one of the tools for development in each country and especially in Africa.
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