Senegal: UNAIDS mounts new strategy to speed up fight against AIDS

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) - The joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS in West and Central Africa wants to accelerate its strategy for the fight against the pandemic through a new approach, called ''Test and Treat '', aimed at reducing HIV/AIDS transmission by 2030, Mamadou Diallo, the programme's regional Director, said Monday in Dakar.

He made the announcement during a regional workshop on how to implement the test and treat strategy in six countries in West and Central Africa.

''Through this strategy, we want to accelerate the fight against HIV/AIDS. We want to show a new ambition that will allow us to eradicate and control the pandemic that threatens the achievements we have made in Africa in the areas of health education, improvement of the quality of life and life expectancy,'' Mr. Diallo said.

Stressing that Africa in general has made enormous progress in recent years in treating people infected with HIV, Diallo said that the programme, which "completes the HIV-AIDS policy of UNAIDS" will consist in treating all infected persons for them to survive.

According to the initiators, the approach is part of efforts aimed at eradicating AIDS epidemic and is to identify all persons living with HIV in a given country in order to help them gain access to screening.

It also aims to improve health among people who do not know their HIV status and to reduce the HIV transmission given that anyone being treated with antiretroviral (ARV) and strictly complying with the treatment is unlikely to transmit the virus and will have a sustainable level of viral elimination.

The meeting was attended by representatives from six countries -- Congo, Gabon, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

The meeting is organized by UNAIDS in collaboration with the French research agency, ANRS, the joint UN Regional Team on AIDS and the Government of Senegal.
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