Senegal: Euronews launches Pan-African multilingual news channel in Congo

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) – In partnership with the national television channel of the Republic of the Congo, Euronews has launched a multi-lingual and multi-cultural news channel, Africanews broadcasting around the clock.

In a statement, made available to PANA in Dakar, Senegal, on Wednesday, Euronews said starting with English and French, and then adding other languages widely-spoken on the continent, Africanews aims to become the first Pan-African rolling news channel.

''We are engaged in a fight against disinformation and the negative aspects of what we call
‘infobesity’ – an excess of news entirely lacking in perspective. These new phenomena,
amplified by the digital revolution, provide daily fuel for our raison d’être: the urgent need to
put pluralism back at the centre of the international debate,'' Michael Peters, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Euronews and Africanews, said.

Meanwhile, the new channel has its headquarters in Brazzaville and regional offices will be set up across the continent and it is an independent African media outlet of no political or ideological colour.

According to the statement, Africanews will adhere to the same editorial charter as Euronews, guaranteeing its independence.

''The two networks will share their news, creating a synergy that will give Africa its rightful place in the world of news and give the world the latest news from the continent.''

So far, a team of 50 media professionals from 15 countries across sub-Saharan Africa are said to have started providing coverage of Africa and the rest of the world from a purely pan-African perspective.

They are supported by an additional extensive network of 45 correspondents all over Africa, operating in conjunction with Africanews’ French-speaking and English-speaking editorial teams.
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04 may 2016 13:11:00

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