Senegal: African countries urged to invest in ways of curing HIV/Aids

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) – UN-African youth leaders, meeting in Dakar, Senegal, Tuesday urged African countries to strengthen their struggle against HIV/Aids and to invest in research to find a cure to the disease.

"In Africa, we contend ourselves to prevention and treatment of this disease. We cannot keep on waiting for a cure to come from elsewhere. Our governments should help the young university students to engage themselves in the quest for a cure against HIV/Aids," Youssoufa Bâ, a participant from Burkina Faso, said.

Most of the participants in the five-day Pan-African Summit which started Monday in the Senegalese capital, share Bâ’s opinion.

"We cannot ask the youth to take initiatives in the fight against HIV/Aids while we don’t want to make them aware of their responsibility. Governments should make long-term investments in research and tertiary education," said Gogontlejang Phaladi, a woman from Botswana.

Speaking about the ill-effects of the disease, the participants deplored the stigmatisation and discrimination that affect people living with HIV/Aids.

"The population should struggle against the disease and not against the patients. We should not stigmatise and discriminate against them," a young Egyptian participant said.

However, a few participants welcomed the results obtained so far in the struggle against HIV/Aids in Africa and the initiatives taken by the governments to reduce the prevalence rate in their respective countries.

Such is the case in Benin where the prevalence rate of HIV/Aids has gone down from 4 per cent in 2000 to 1.2 per cent currently.

The young delegation from Benin said that this has been possible due to a serious sensitization campaign and the treatment of patients, amongst others.

"We should strengthen sensitization and invest more in health matters if we want to eliminate this disease," Mrs Joannei Bewa from Benin said.
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