Second Guineaspora convenes December in Bissau

Bissau- Guinea Bissau (PANA) -- The second forum of Guinea-Bissau nationals in the Diaspora, called Guineaspora, will convene here in December, organisers said in a statement Thursday.
They said a preparatory meeting from 10-12 September in London, with about 100 Guinea-Bissau nationals in the Diaspora expected to attend, would precede the Bissau gathering.
A music and arts festival is planned for Lisbon, Portugal from 18-25 September, marking the first anniversary of the forum and the 31st anniversary of Guinea-Bissau's independence.
That event is seen as a prelude to the biennial Guineaspora music and arts festival billed for Guinea-Bissau.
The Guineaspora chapter in the United Kingdom and the forum's executive secretary in Lisbon are coordinating the December Bissau meeting, the organisers said.

20 august 2004 09:38:00

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