Sanitary control at the border between Congo and Gabon

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Congolese authorities have tightened health control measures at the border with Gabon to prevent the possibility of cross-border infections by the deadly haemorrhagic Ebola fever, an official source said Tuesday in Brazzaville.
"We have reinforced control in the regions of the Cuvette West and Sangha where teams are doing what is necessary," said Dr Stanislas Mongo-Ebata, who heads the anti-Ebola unit at the Congolese health ministry.
A Congolese woman suspected to have been infected by the Ebola virus while in Gabon arrived recently with her baby in Mbomo area.
She came from Mekambo in eastern Gabon.
Congolese authorities discouraged Mbomo inhabitants from visiting Gabon, where at least a dozen patients have died of the haemorrhagic Ebola fever.
"We have identified the woman and isolated her.
We are now identifying all those who were in contact with her.
None of them is so far ill," Mongo-Ebata said.
A preventive sanitary belt has been imposed around a 200 km zone between the district of Mbomo in the Cuvette-West and the community of Ouesso, upt to Sangha.
Mbomo lies within the biggest Congolese national park, which was extended up to Sangha in 2000.
The European Union finances the park.
It has many chimpanzees, gorillas and pachyderms.
However, an official at the Brazzaville-based World Health Organisation office for Africa said that Congolese authorities had so far not reported any case of Ebola.
"The Congolese authorities have not yet reported us any case, but we are waiting for the findings of the teams which were sent to Cuvette-West and Sangha," the official said.

18 december 2001 23:47:00

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