Saboteurs blow up gas pipeline in Northern Sinai

Cairo, Egypt (PANA) - Saboteurs blew up the gas pipeline running through Egypt, Israel and Jordan on Thursday in Northern Sinai, using remote controlled bombs and thereby forcing a  shut down.  
Egypt's official news agency (MENA) reported that the first blast was near Mazar area, 30 kilometres west of the town of Al-Arish, while the second (a smaller explosion) went off west of Al-Arish, near a pumping station.

The explosions are the first since pumping resumed after a halt 24 October.  

Security sources said primary examination showed that Improvised Explosive Devices were put under the pipeline and were detonated from a distance.

According to the security sources, the attackers used two trucks while extended wires were found at the scene.  

Security agents and fire fighters put the fire under control, as damages are still being assessed.

This is the seventh such incident since the 25 of January revolution in Egypt.
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10 november 2011 15:55:54

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