SADC reviews social security code

Lusaka- Zambia (PANA) -- Member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tuesday began meeting in Lusaka, discussing how to strengthen social security arrangements across borders of member countries under a protocol of the regional trade grouping.
Speaking at the start of the meeting, Zambian labour and social security minister, Patrick Kafumukache, observed that the lack of cross border social security arrangements had resulted in loss of benefits for the travellers because benefits were usually nationalised.
"Despite the fact that sizeable migration is taking place within SADC, there is normally loss of benefits when crossing borders due to the fact that social security benefits are usually nationalised or citizenship-based," Kafumukache observed.
He disclosed that Zambia and Malawi had recently, under their joint permanent commission, developed mechanisms meant to secure cross border social security for the people.
He suggested to SADC members that the same framework can be adopted and used to secure the payment of benefits across borders where there are common norms and standards.
Kafumukache also reaffirmed government's commitment to work with countries in SADC to ensure that economic policies were in harmony with social security in order to achieve sustainable development.
He observed that social security policies had in the past been left out, hence making the implementation of development programmes difficult.
Earlier, a Germany-based NGO, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung representative, Michael Schultheiss, bemoaned the lack of self- evident measures on social security and protection by governments in poor countries, especially on the African continent.
Schultheiss urged countries in the region to promote collaboration that would help develop social security systems among the states.

19 october 2004 16:24:00

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