SAA flight returns to Johannesburg after Lagos explosions

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South African Airways says all its staff and crew on board an SAA aircraft in Nigeria's main city of Lagos were safe following a series of loud explosions near the city's airport on Sunday.
It appears a huge fire at an army barracks and armoury, which has been brought under control, caused the explosions.
SAA spokesman Rich Mkhondo said the airline was in touch with its staff who were on board the plane and was assured that the aircraft and all people on board are safe.
The plane, which was returning from New York to Johannesburg, landed safely at the Johannesburg International Airport at 02H00 GMT on Monday after being delayed for 13 hours.
But Mkhondo said there were no scheduled flights to Nigeria on Monday or Tuesday.

28 january 2002 09:28:00

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