SA women launch progressive movement

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has saluted the Progressive Women's Movement of South Africa (PWMSA) on its launching conference being held this weekend in Bloemfontein.
The launch of the PWMSA is a step by South African women towards true emancipation of the women in the country, the rest of the African continent and the world, ANC spokesman Smuts Ngonyama observed in a statement.
"This development reaffirms our conviction that South African society shall one day be truly non-sexist, non-racial, united, democratic and prosperous, he noted.
"The ANC has full confidence in the leadership capacity of the women of our country, and has therefore been at the forefront of efforts to break down the barriers to the equal participation of women in all spheres of our national life," Ngonyama said.
He said the ANC is committed to working together with the PWMSA towards the realisation of the dream of cohesive, stable, peaceful and truly African society in which all people shall govern and enjoy equal rights and dignity.
"We expect the PWMSA launching conference to bring together women from across the country into a movement that unites a broad cross-section of organisations and individuals.
The launch of the women's movement is a distinctive realisation of the dream of the heroic women who participated in the 9 August 1956 women's march to the Union Buildings.
We know that a nation cannot be free unless its women are free," he pointed out.

05 august 2006 19:02:00

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