S/African group rejects call to arrest Arabs in Afghanistan

Johannesburg- South Africa (PANA) -- A South African human rights group has described as "racist," the call credited to the new Afghanistan leader to arrest all Arabs in his country, which is under US-led military bombardments.
Afghanistan is being punished for harbouring Saudi fundamentalist Osama bin Laden, accused by the US of being behind the 11 September terrorist attacks on America.
Responding to weekend's comments made by Afghanistan's interim Prime Minister Hamid Karzai, the Pretoria-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) said it "condemns the racist comments.
" Karzai was quoted by the press as saying: "I have asked the people now, not just our forces, to arrest any Arabs they find.
We don't know where Osama is.
We are looking for him.
I have a map now in front of me and I am asking villagers around Kandahar to look around the clock and stop him or any Arab they may see.
" HRF said Karzai's statement was against peace in the embattled region.
The Foundation, however, said it supported the call by the interim Prime Minister to hand over any captured terrorists to "international justice".
But its spokesperson, M.
Adam said Monday, the International Human Rights Day: "It is clear that any terrorists, who may be contemplating handing themselves over will be very reluctant in light of recent events when troops who had surrendered were summarily executed, thus making a mockery of the call for "international justice" by the new Prime Minister.

10 december 2001 21:12:00

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