Rwandan succeeds Nigerian general as UNAMID Commander

New York- US (PANA) -- The UN and AU Friday confirmed the appointment of Lt.
Patrick Nyamvumba of Rwanda, as the new Force Commander of the UN/AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).
Nyamvumba will be succeeding Nigeria's General Martin Agwai, who will be leaving his post as Darfur mission force commander at the end of August, having complet e d his duty tour.
UN deputy spokesperson, Farhan Haq, said at the UN headquarters in New York on F riday, that the appointment followed a UN/AU letter, dated 21 July, to the Presi d ent of the UN Security Council.
He said that the letter conveyed the agreement of the UN Secretary-General Ban K i-moon and the AU Chairperson, Mouammar Kadhafi to appoint Nyamvumba as UNAMID n e w commander, with effect from 1 September.
He said: ``General Nyamvumba will lead the mission's military component and assi st in the continued implementation of UNAMID's mandate at this critical juncture ' '.
General Agwai was the pioneer UNAMID Force Commander at the inception of the mis sion in 2007.
Meanwhile, the UN Secretary-General has expressed his gratitude to the Nigerian general for his ``exemplary service during his tenure at UNAMID''.
The new force commander is currently the Chief of Logistics of the Rwanda Defenc e Forces and had held other command positions in the country's army and military academy.
General Nyamvumba is a graduate of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).
UNAMID was set up by the UN Security Council in 2007 to protect civilians in Sud an's Darfur region, where an estimated 300,000 people have been killed and anoth e r 2.
7 million displaced following fighting between rebels, government forces and allied militiamen.
The fighting has raged on for more than five years.

24 july 2009 19:43:00

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