Rwandan Hutu rebels clash with Ugandan forces

Bunagana- Congo (PANA) -- Senior military sources in Kigali Friday reported that Rwandan Hutu rebels earlier in the week clashed with Ugandan armed forces in Gisoro, a border post between north-eastern DR Congo and Uganda.
The clashes were also confirmed bu Uganda army spokesman Major Phineas Katirima, who spoke on the line from Kampala to reporters, conceding that "one of our soldiers was wounded.
" This area in question has been a corridor for armed Hutu rebels trying to infiltrate north-west Rwanda.
In other developments, the Rwandan army reportedly killed more than 100 Hutu rebels in the past weeks in fighting in north-western Ruhengeri and Gisenyi province near the border with the Congo.

01 june 2001 22:43:00

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