Rwandan First Lady calls for new leadership in HIV/AIDS war

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Africa needs very strong leadership that can help streng then its response to HIV/AIDS by creating an environment favourable for the war a gainst the pandemic, Rwandan First Lady, Mrs.
Jeannette Kagame, said on Thursday in Dakar.
"We must accept commitments adapted to Africa and which will have to be manifest ed in actions,” she said at an International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Tra n smitted Diseases (ICASA) in Dakar.
“The new generation of leaders must be trained to strengthen their response to t he HIV/AIDS pandemic," she added.
Kagame, who spoke on the theme of the conference, "African leadership in re sponse to HIV/AIDS", declared that the role of governments was essential in the f ight against the pandemic.
She also hailed the considerable, yet not enough, progress made by the continent on mobilisation, leadership and service coverage, particularly access to antire t roviral drugs (ARV).

04 december 2008 22:34:00

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