Rwanda to get World Bank assistance to fight HIV/AIDS

Kigali- Rwanda (PANA) -- Rwanda is set to benefit from the World Bank's assistance in the fight against HIV/AIDS, health officials said in Kigali on Thursday.
The head of the Rwanda National AIDS Commission, Archbishop Emmanuel Mboni Kolini, told reporters that his organisation had prepared a work plan under which the World Bank's financial support would be utilised.
According to him, Rwanda was among 10 countries earmarked to benefit from the World Bank's Multi-country AIDS Project Initiative, whose package is said to be around 500 million US dollars.
Meanwhile, the head of the National Programme against AIDS, Innocent Ntaganira, commended youth groups, provincial authorities, non-governmental organisations for the role they were playing to combat the spread of AIDS.
Ntaganira urged Rwandans to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by ensuring safe blood transfusion, using of condoms, going for voluntary testing, counselling, and making efforts to stop the 700 annual cases of mother-to-child infections.
Some of the strategies to curb the pandemic in the tiny central African country include peer-education, screening of mobile films regularly and explaining the seriousness of the epidemic to the Rwandan people.
Ntaganira further told reporters that the World Bank funded project would ensure that the condoms are subsidised, support AIDS orphans and women who acquired HIV through rape during the 1994 genocide.
"Fifty percent of the budget will be allocated to medical treatment, 30 percent will be spent on preventive activities, while the rest will be allocated to research and other related activities," Ntaganira said.
He explained that the success of the World Bank Multi-country project would depende on the support it gets from the government, non-governmental organisations and the entire population.
Rwanda is one the countries hard-hit by the HIV/AIDS scourge in sub-Saharan Africa.

30 august 2001 21:42:00

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