Rwanda's former high-security prison buildings to give way to modern housing

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Municipality workers have arrived at a former high-security prison in Muhima, a suburb of Kigali city, where they will demolish the old prison buildings, last used in the late 1930s, so the land can be exploited for modern housing and commercial buildings, PANA reports in Kigali.

Municipality authorities in Kigali said that after demolition, the land will be redeveloped to create new jobs and tax revenues.

The move comes after it was earlier suggested that this colonial site would be retained, possibly as a museum to attract tourists.

However, following a resolution by the Cabinet in 2016, it was decided that the government-owned land and houses be sold to individuals for new modern and luxury building.

According to Kigali municipality authorities, the demolition works which are set to be carried out shortly mark a further step towards achieving Kigali Master Plan by demolishing slums in the capital's poor suburbs.

Rwandan authorities said they believe it was also important to get the private sector involved in this vast potential for developing the site.

The Kigali city’s 50-Year Master Plan shows that the new town’s new commercial hub will be relocated to the former prison site.

Reports indicate that current Master plan that was approved in 2013 is a comprehensive long-term plan intended to guide growth and development of urban area.

The oldest prison facility, built in 1930 by Belgian colonialists, has been a hallmark of Kigali’s hard-to-miss features.
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