Rwanda: Rwandan parties regret France's dismissal of case against suspected genocide actor

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The Coalition of Civilian Parties of Rwanda (CCPR) on Thursday claimed they were shocked by the French courts' decision to "dismiss temporarily legal proceedings" in the case of an alleged Rwandan genocide actor, Claude Muhayimana.

In a statement issued in Kigali, CCPR chair Alain Gauthier deplored the attitude of the public prosecutor who said that it was up to the examining magistrate to order the charge and appearance of Muhayimana before the crown court of Paris.

"We regret that Claude Muhayimana is not indicted for crimes committed at Kibuye Church, at Home Saint-Jean, or at Gatwaro stadium, said Mr Gauthier, adding that CCPR would wait for the examining magistrate to order the indictment.

"We’ll then know for which crimes the alleged culprit would actually be sent to the crown court of Paris."

In 2014, Mr Muhayimana, a French-born Rwandan was indicted and arrested for his participation in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, but the appeal court of France was against his extradition.

Contrary to what several countries such as Canada and Norway do, France has never extradited an alleged genocide actor.

More than 20 investigations have been opened in France about crimes against humanity facing  many Rwandans who, allegedly, took part in the genocide which, according to the United Nations, claimed at least 800,000 lives.

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