Rwanda: Modern health clinic, schools for Burundian refugees inaugurated in Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Rwandan officials have inaugurated a 112-classroom school, financed by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, in one of the  fastest growing refugee camps for Burundian refugees in Mahama, South Eastern Rwanda, according to a statement Thursday from the
Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs.

The ministry said the new facilities are for use by Burundian refugees living in Mahama camps and that they are part of reinsertion efforts for communities living under precarious conditions.

The UN agency has built 112 classrooms and school equipment for some 11,626 children under this programme to benefit not only from Burundian refugees in Mahama camps but also to other neighboring local residents.

In addition, the UN agency said that basic services provided in Mahama camp have come together in a remarkably short period of time where by most families live in temporary tents, while semi-permanent mud houses are under construction.

It said that the general health condition in the camp is now under control, with the new health clinic inaugurated in the camp, to receive more than 200 patient consultations per day on average.

Rwanda recently provided an additional 50 hectares of land to double the space available for hosting refugees from Burundi.

UNHCR’s current strategy is to use the newly-donated 50 hectares to build semi-permanent shelters for the existing refugee population and to free up the camp’s tent shelters for any new arrivals.

With the expanded size, Mahama camp has a potential capacity of about 55,000 people.

“It is crucial to strengthen community services and help the refugee population mobilize and organize themselves to help each other,” the statement quoted Sandra Flores, protection officer at the UNHCR bureau in Kigali, as saying.

The Rwandan government said most of Burundian refugees were in different camps across the country, with the highest concentrations in Mahama (south east - around 35,000), Bugesera (south east - 5,160), Rusizi  (south west - 594), Nyanza (south - 97) and Nyamiyaga (south east - 39).
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