Rwanda: 2 Rwandan soldiers get life sentence for civilian murder

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA)  - Rwanda's military court on Friday sentenced two young Rwandan soldiers to life imprisonment for killing a bar owner in Gikondo, a suburb of Kigali city, in May this year.

Military Court judge, Maj. Charles Nsumanyi, said the court found the two accused -- private Jean-Pierre Nshimyumukiza and Ishimwe Claude -- guilty of killing the bar owner, and ordered the convicts to pay 18.1 million Rwandan Francs (US$ 215,476) as compensation to the victims.

Police evidence concluded that the victim was involved in a brawl with the two soldiers. But accounts of some eyewitnesses told of a confrontation and gunfire shots after "false" bills were given to the soldiers at the bar where Aime Yvan Ntivuguruzwa was killed.
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06 october 2017 17:39:27

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