Ruling party says Ivorian peace process "broken down"

Abidjan- Côte d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Sylvain Miaka Ouretto, Secretary of the Ivorian ruling People's Front, FPI says the national reconciliation process has broken down and called on all stakeholders to "re-launch" it.
He warned that the prevailing situation, "may lead to serious drifts with unpredictable consequences.
" According to Ouretto, the reconciliation process, based on the Linas-Marcoussis agreement, has stalled despite efforts by President Laurent Gbagbo to ensure peace.
The FPI official cited the President's delegation of some powers to Prime Minister Seydou Diarra, in accordance with Marcoussis accord, the passing of an amnesty law by parliament and a decree to reintegrate deserted soldiers into the national army.
"Despite the President's clear commitment to the implementation of reforms provided for by the Linas-Marcoussis agreement, it is obvious that the rebel movements and their allies want to use all means to block or delay the restoration of peace in Cote d'Ivoire," Ouretto said.
He said the problem areas included Disarmament, Demobilisation, Reintegration (DDR), the rebel leaders' threat to secede and pessimism of national defence and security forces regarding the peaceful solution of the Ivorian crisis.
The FPI therefore called on all stakeholders, the international community, especially France "sponsor of the Linas-Marcoussis agreement, to use political, diplomatic and military means to restore peace, territorial integrity, and the State authority," in Cote d'Ivoire.

17 may 2004 18:56:00

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