Rights group indicts beligerents in Sierra Leonean conflict

Freetown- Sierra Leone, (PANA) -- The New York-based Human Rights Watch organisation has indicted both the pro-government allied Civil Defence Forces and rebels of the Revolutionary United Front for atrocities against civilians in the eastern Diamond Kono and northern Koinadugu districts of Sierra Leone.
"Civilians are being targeted in deadly battles of retaliation" said Human Rights Watch Africa director Peter Takirambudde, who noted that "neither the RUF nor the CDF make a distinction between military and civilian targets.
" According to Human Rights Watch, the RUF in apparent retaliatory attacks between June and July, "launched raids against surrounding villages whom they accused of supporting the CDF militia.
" Human Rights Watch quoted witnesses as affirming that many villages had been burned and looted by both sides and hundreds of civilians displaced.

25 july 2001 22:52:00

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