Restaurant drops Mandela's name

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- A fast-food restaurant in Cape Town which used former South African President Nelson Mandela's name, is being forced to change its title after Mandela's lawyers threatened legal action.
The restaurant, "Nelson's Chicken and Gravy Land," which opened last week, offered chicken dishes with names such as "Nelson's Freedom meal" and "Nelson's Peace meal.
" It also used a drawing that resembled Mandela's face in its logo.
Malcolm Crossley, a lawyer acting for the owners of the restaurant, held talks with Mandela's legal representative Ismail Ayob in Johannesburg Wednesday.
Both parties appear satisfied with the agreement to see the name and logo dropped and all references to Mandela on the menu removed.
Crossley said the restaurant owners had apologised to Mandela's lawyers, explaining that they did not intend to offend anyone.
"Our clients did not in any way intend to contravene the law, or to show any disrespect to Mr.
Nelson Mandela, or the Office of the State President, or the ANC (the ruling African National Congress)," the owners said.
The image of a former Head of State is protected under South African laws and cannot be used without permission.

02 august 2001 10:09:00

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