Report into fatal plane crash released

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Loss of engine power coupled with overloading resulted in an the air crash which killed 10 people shortly near Johannesburg in December 1999.
The Civil Aviation Authority on Thursday released its final report which concluded that the owner of the plane, Flightline Charter Services, lacked a safety management programme in place and the company's operating certificate was not valid at the time of the crash.
South African aviation was rocked by an enormous scandal following the crash amid claims that pilots obtained fraudulent licences.
Civil Aviation Authority chief executive Trevor Abrahams and eight other pilots, were investigated for allegedly buying and selling pilot licence examination papers that enabled trainee pilots to obtain licences without being properly qualified.
However, all charges against Abrahams were dropped in the Pretoria Commercial Crimes Court in March.
Nine employees from Documentation and Training International and the pilot were on board when the twin-engine Piper aircraft crashed moments after take-off for Namibia.

24 may 2001 15:52:00

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