Report finds Chadian women more exposed to HIV/AIDS than men

N'djamena- Chad (PANA) -- A study conducted Chad has reported more HIV/AIDS prevalence among they country's women than among men.
The study on the socio-economic impact of AIDS found an over all prevalence of seven percent among men and 9 per cent among women.
Carried out with financial assistance from the "Population and AIDS Control" project of the Swiss Tropical Institute, the study involved field visits and interviews with households and patients.
According to the report, two out of every ten cases admitted in hospital are AIDS patients.
The two consultants who supervised the study, Guy Hutton and Kaspar Wyss, said the pandemic is most prevalent among adults in the productive age bracket, and spreading quicker among the educated, thus exacerbating its economic impact.
The consultants warned that AIDS might cut GNP by 0.
5 per cent in the near future.
The study recommended a strengthening of the epidemiological surveillance system, and quality health care for AIDS patients through effective and efficient case management.
It also proposed that the AIDS control programme in Chad focus on cost effective, workable and safe strategies, with the involvement of politicians and opinion leaders.
The first AIDS cases in Chad were reported in 1986 and by last year the country counted 13,385 cases.

11 june 2001 19:45:00

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