Renewed Toubou-military clash in Libya leaves one dead in Koufra

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - One person was killed and four others injured in a renewed clash Sunday between the Toubou tribe insurgents and the Libyan Shield forces, a unit of the Libyan Ministry of Defence, local newspaper Ourayna reported Monday, quoting military sources.

According to the newspaper, the four injured soldiers were members of the Shield forces.

Ali Bourkik, the head of Koufra's security committee, said that heavy military weapons, like tanks, were used in the city centre by both sides.

In the process, he said, tank shells hit a hospital and the residential areas of the city, resulting in a mass exodus of residents to the Northern part of the country.

Over the last few weeks, Koufra was the site of deadly clashes between the two sides.

Although they reached a cease-fire agreement recently, the clashes resumed on Sunday.
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25 june 2012 14:21:43

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