Release of Moussa Traore makes front-page news in Mali

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- The pardon given former Malian head of state, Moussa Traore and his wife, by outgoing President Alpha Oumar Konare, was the concentration of newspapers published Thursday in Bamako.
On Wednesday, Konare pardoned Traore and his wife Mariam, both serving a death sentence that was commuted to life imprisonment following the March 1991 coup d'etat that ousted Traore's dictatorial regime.
"Moussa Traore and his wife are free," could be read in the government-owned paper, L'Essor, adding that the Minister of Security and civil defence, General Tiecoura Doumbia informed the former First Family about the gesture.
Doumbia travelled to Markala (260km from Bamako), where Traore and his wife were serving their sentence, to inform them of the pardon.
The government daily explains that this approach was taken to ensure that the couple did not get the information through the press.
Under the title: "The Traores are welcomed to democracy," it observes that "Moussa Traore and those who are celebrating his release will, somewhere, in a corner of their conscience, be grateful to the Malian authorities for taking care of the very person who was incapable of paying or refused to pay the same attention and have the same respect for the illustrious prisoners who were imprisoned by him.
" "The release of the Traore couple is seen as a great victory for Malian democracy," L'Essor writes.
It adds that the discharge of General Moussa Traore and his wife, who leave their luxurious prison to become free citizens, with the advantages of former presidents, honours Malian democracy.
" "Moussa is finally free," writes the independent bi-weekly L'Observateur, which further adds that "Mali and its democracy, given as an example, had for too long put up with a cumbersome paradox, being the only country to have a former presidential couple in prison.

30 mai 2002 17:22:00

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