Rebel attacks in Burundi leave 16 dead

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- At least 16 people were killed and several others are missing or wounded following attacks blamed on Burundian rebels since Thursday in the north-western province of Bubanza, an official source said.
A surprise attack by a group dressed as government soldiers took place last Thursday at a pub in the Rugazi council area in Bubanza, killing 12 peopled and seriously wounding three, including government soldiers, the Burundian News Agency (ABP) reported at the weekend.
Four more people were killed on Saturday and two reported missing in a rebel attack on Kajeke, still in the Bubanza province, the same source said.
APD said all four were villagers suspected of "collaborating with the enemy.
" Tension was also high on Saturday south of Bujumbura, with simultaneous rebel attacks against five army positions in the neighbouring province of Rural Bujumbura.
Casualties were reported on both sides in Saturday's fighting, which led to a temporary closure of the road linking Bujumbura with several regions of central and northern Burundi.
The fighting led to a vast movement of civilian populations caught in the crossfire, with 4,000 people displaced in the Bubanza province since Thursday.

08 october 2001 09:29:00

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