Ratify UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity, Diouf tells OIF

Ventiane- Laos (PANA) -- The secretary general of the Francophonie, Abdou Diouf is urging member states of OIF to ratify the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity, which he describes as a "society project that allows peaceful coexistence, thinking together and managing our common destiny in a democratic way".
"I would like to seize the opportunity of my presence in this country of Temple Vat Phou, of the Chanpassak site and of the Luang Prabang (.
) town to make a solemn appeal to ministers, to high-ranking officials gathered here to have their countries to ratify the convention (.
)," Diouf told the 23rd Ministerial conference in opening remarks Tuesday.
He observed that any state that ratifies the convention on cultural diversity "lays down the foundation for the establishment of the universal civilisation, by so doing".
"Ratifying the convention is a way of us saying and making it known that we wish to contribute towards the establishment of a global society project that will allow us to peacefully live together with our differences," he emphasised.
Citing Senegal's first president Leopold Sedar Senghor, the general secretary of OIF said "Culture is the Alpha and Omega of politics not only its foundation, but also its aim".
) It is not just enough to preserve the cultural diversity if this diversity should be transformed into a negation of difference in the name of that same difference," warned Diouf who extended his appeal for the ratification of the convention beyond the Francophone zone.
"This is the impulse behind our commitment, our mobilisation for the adoption by UNESCO of the convention for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, for its ratification and from then on for its implementation" he added.
Adopted in October 2005, during the 33rd general conference of UNESCO, the convention on cultural diversity stipulates, "Cultural properties are not commodities".
The law allows States to take the necessary steps to preserve and promote their cultural uniqueness.
Nearly 75 States and governments including 38 members of the IOF have so far ratified the convention that went into force since March 2007.
Meanwhile, host country of the 23rd CMF, Laos publicly declared on Tuesday that it would ratify the convention soon.

21 november 2007 14:45:00

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