Racist video clip goes viral in South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa (PANA) – Another white South African has sparked an outcry after a racist video clip of himself went viral on social media.

The Johannesburg businessman took a “selfie” clip of himself on a beach in Greece where he expressed delight that there were no black people around. It is unclear when it was filmed.

“I’m going to give you a weather forecast. Blue skies, beautiful day, amazing sea and not one kaffir in sight. You cannot beat this,” he says in the brief clip.

The word “kaffir” is the most hated racial slur in South Africa and the courts have handed down heavy sentences when perpetrators have been convicted.

The law defines crimen injuria as “a wilful injury to someone’s dignity, caused by the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gesture”.

The video went viral on Tuesday and Wednesday and the tourist was identified as Adam Catzavelos, the co-owner of a Johannesburg restaurant.

This after the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters issued a statement saying “Racism Alert…..we are looking for this white boy. ”

Catzavelos has refused to answer calls or reply to text messages. There are unconfirmed reports that his wife works for Nike Africa.

Earlier this year, Johannesburg estate agent Vicki Momberg was jailed for two years for using the same word while a police officer was trying to help her after a mugging. That incident was also filmed.

And in another high-profile case in 2016, Durban grand mother Penny Sparrow sparked a national outcry when compared black beach goers to monkeys on Facebook. The Equality Court handed her a $15 000 fine.
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