Racist passenger blames rant on apartheid-era education

Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – A Johannesburg woman who delayed a flight and sparked a national outcry after being caught sending a racist text message has apologised and addressed the matter.

As previously reported by PANA, Alochna Moodley sent a racist text message on her smart phone after boarding a Kulula flight between Johannesburg and Durban late last month.

A black passenger reported her to cabin crew when he saw she had referred to him and the pilot as a “kaffir”, the most hated racial slur in South Africa. Moodley was escorted off the aircraft and the flight was delayed.

The 26-year-old Johannesburg resident admitted sending the text message but expressed anger that the passenger who reported her was watching her type.

Her previous company, SMC Pneumatics, subsequently confirmed that she has left. It said it does not tolerate racism.

Following a mediation session between her and the passenger, Reverend Solumuzi Mabuza, which was hosted by religious leader Rubin Phillip‚ Moodley apologised publicly and blammed her racist rant on the apartheid education system.

She said her school curriculum “did not teach me of the atrocities of apartheid”.  She said it also glossed over the details of the oppression‚ especially of black people, in this country.  

“During this time of introspection I have made inquiries as to why this word (kaffir) is so offensive.

Mabuza said that although he forgave Moodley following her apology, he still planned to proceed with the crimen injuria (wilful injury) charge he pressed against her because “the law must take its course”.
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