Racism Conference dominates Malian press

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- The proceedings at Durban World Conference Against Racism Durban dominated press reports in Mali this week.
Noting that the Conference could be "a great deal of efforts leading to nothing much," 'Les Echos' attributes the possible failure of the meeting to the US, which it describes as anything but a prime example when it comes to the fight against racism.
The paper said the attitude of the Americans did not come as a surprise, adding that "for once, the UN could take its responsibilities and undertake actions against that country, an ally of Israel in the extermination of Palestinian people".
The Malian newspapers were, however, divided on the approach regarding reparation for slavery.
"We Africans would show a real sign of lack of courage should we restrict our existential problems to the reparations and compensations issues only," said the weekly paper, 'Le Soudanais'.
It added that Africans must take care of their own destiny.
Les Echos agrees, saying that "simple financial compensation would not make up for the crimes endured by African people".
"For want of simple financial reparations, Durban will just have offered a privileged opportunity to all the oppressed people around the world to raise their voices and share their sufferings," reports another paper 'L'Independant'.
The bi-weekly paints a picture of the agony endured by African people such as the "whip, the hard labour, the per capita taxes, rape, exterminations.

08 september 2001 00:01:00

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