RUF wants clarification on Special War Crime Tribunal

Freetown Sierra Leone (PANA) -- The leadership of Sierra Leone's rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) has requested clarification on the planned UN Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Special Courts to try war crimes suspects, a UN official has said.
Margett Novicki, spokesperson of the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), said an RUF official, Gibril Massaquoi made the request.
According to UNAMSIL, the RUF leadership wants to know the function and composition of the tribunal and the Special Court, to get "a clear understanding and avoid future violations.
" Novicki quoted the official as saying the RUF "asked that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Special Tribunal be set up, for the people of this country and the international Community to know and .
identify those responsible for the present political crisis.
" The RUF has been waging a rebellion against successive Freetown governments since 1991.

24 june 2001 17:29:00

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