RUF promises to resume full co-operation

Freetown- Sierra Leone (PANA) -- The rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) has decided to resume co-operation with the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) to push the country's peace process ahead.
UNAMSIL's spokesperson, Margett Novicki, told PANA Saturday in Freetown that "the high Command of the RUF has agreed to participate in another tripartite meeting" next week.
The meeting would be held in the rebel stronghold of Makeni, which is also the northern regional headquarters.
Novicki said this decision was reached after a protracted meeting between the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji, and the interim RUF Leader, General Issa Sesay, and the movement's high command in Makeni, RUF's stronghold.
RUF recently suspended its co-operation with President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah's government and UNAMSIL to protest against the extension of the life of the current presidency and parliament for another six months.
The rebel group was also unhappy that its proposal for a national consultative conference was turned down.
According to Omrie Michael Golley, RUF's Legal Adviser and Chairman Political and Peace Council, the forthcoming tripartite meeting would "address our grievances", including the travel ban on RUF officials.
RUF boycotted the last scheduled tripartite meeting early this months and ceased co-operating with the government an UNAMSIL.

15 september 2001 19:25:00

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