RSF wants restrictions on foreign journalists cancelled

Paris- France (PANA) -- The Paris-based Media Freedom Watch group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has urged authorities in Zimbabwe to cancel the newly introduced restrictions targeting foreign journalists.
In a letter to information minister Jonathan Moyo, RSF secretary general Robert Menard urged the authorities to cancel the measures in order to allow journalists to work freely throughout Zimbabwe.
On 13 June, Zimbabwe announced that foreign journalists intending to visit the country "must apply for accreditation from their countries a month ahead of the proposed visit" instead of how journalists previously applied for accreditation after arrival in Zimbabwe.
"The authorities try to control information inside and outside the country by any means.
these new restrictions are following foreign media allegations of corruption and lawlessness of President Robert Mugabe's government," Menard observed.
Menard quoted Moyo as saying that the government issued the measures to coerce foreign news organisations to employ local journalists in order to reduce unemployment in the country.

15 june 2001 16:28:00

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