RSF commends France over jailed Tunisian journalist

Paris- France (PANA) -- The Paris-based association for the defence of press freedom, Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF), has commended the French Co-operation Minister Charles Josselin for his "concern" over the fate of detained female Tunisian journalist, Shihem Ben Sedrine.
Sedrine, an Editor and spokesperson of the Tunisia National Freedom Council, is in jail in Tunis.
"We are glad that France has finally reacted to the unjust decision by Tunisian authorities," Virginie Locussol, RSF's representative in the Maghreb told PANA.
She said "we wish that things go beyond a mere reaction.
pressure must be put on Tunisian authorities so that they free the journalist".
Sedrine is detained at the women's prison in Tunis over an interview she gave a private London-based Arab television, which the Tunisian authorities considers "subversive.
" The journalist was arrested at the Tunis airport on her return from Europe.
Her arrest has caused uproar in France, where some 20 people, led by RSF General Secretary Robert Menard, staged a sit-in protest at the Paris office of the Tunisian Tourist Board.
"Behind the scene, Tunisia is a police State," Menard charged.

03 july 2001 12:32:00

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