Québec to host next Francophonie summit 17 to 19 October

Tunis- Tunisia (PANA) -- The next Francophonie summit scheduled to take place fro m 17 to 19 October in Québec, Canada, was at the heart of discussions when the m i nister in charge of Francophonie in the Canadian province, Mrs Monique Gagnon-Tr e mblay, paid a visit to Tunisia.
This summit will be a framework of "more interactive and ad hoc exchanges betwee n participating heads of state and government", she told a news conference on Th u rsday before his departure from Tunis.
Mrs Gagnon-Tremblay said the theme would be around "democracy, human rights, env ironment and economic governance".
"Francophonie, much more than just the sharing of a common language, is about sh aring values of solidarity, diversity and mutual assistance between countries in the North and the South," the minister from Québec declared.
She noted that nearly 20,000 Tunisians have settled in Québec and indicated that her talks with Tunisian government officials had enabled her to review bilatera l cooperation in the field of higher education.

29 مايو 2008 23:14:00

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