Punish doers of Duekoue massacre, says Ivorian party

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- The Ivorian Labour Party (PIT) led by jurist, Pr Francis Wodie has demanded investigations that will identify and penalise perpetrators of human rights abuses in Duekoue (western Cote d'Ivoire) early June.
In a statement dispatched to PANA in Abidjan on Friday, the party says it neither understands nor accepts that such tragedy may "occur again in the regions of Cote d'Ivoire.
" "Deaths and massacres again and again in Duekoue and the west, without people who committed such atrocities being ever identified or arrested.
Therefore, it is a national problem, which must be dealt with as such, and stop being considered as a tribal or regional issue," PIT chairman Wadie lamented.
He calls for national solidarity in order to support people in the west affected by the massacres and demands that an investigation be opened immediately "to establish the facts and punish those responsible after investigations have been concluded.
" "These crimes and all others must not be remain unpunished," he demanded.
About the fact that nobody was able to prevent the tragedy, the PIT "bows, with a broken heart, and pays tribute to the victims, all the victims.
By the way, it wishes a speedy recovery to injured in the attack and shares the pain and grief of families of the victims and Cote d'Ivoire as a whole.
" For the labour party, which bitterly denounces and condemns the shortcomings and complicity, which led to the horrors, "the Ivorian people have the right to know about the origin and people behind these atrocities.
" That is why, "the PIT has sent letters to the prime minister, ministers of defence and security, national (chief of staff) and international (ONUCI) military authorities to provide explanations," the statement said.
The PIT leader urges President Laurent Gbagbo to "show the right way, restraint and responsibility, and avoid saying or doing anything likely to undermine unnecessarily and dangerously the relations between fellow countries and us.
The statement was in apparent reference to Gbagbo's unfriendly comments about Gabon.

10 june 2005 12:00:00

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